Saturday, October 4, 2008

Common Control Panel Applets

To run these applets-->Create a Desktop Shortcut
To create a desktop shortcut:
1. Right click a blank area of your desktop
2. Select New>> Shortcut
3. Type the Applet of choice in the text box (eg: desk.cpl) Click Next.
4.Type the name of your new icon (eg: Display Properties) Click Finish.

Control Panel Applets
access.cpl -Accessibility Options
appwiz.cpl -Add/Remove Programs
desk.cpl -Display Properties
firewall.cpl-Firewall Settings
hdwwiz.cpl-Add New Hardware Wizard
inetcpl.cpl-Internet Options
intl.cpl-Regional settings
joy.cpl-Joystick Properties
main.cpl-Mouse Properties
main.cpl-keyboard Keyboard Properties
mmsys.cpl-sounds Sound Properties
ncpa.cpl-Network Connections
ncpl.cpl-Network Properties
nusrmgr.cpl-User settings
password.cpl-Password Properties
powercfg.cpl-Power Management
sticpl.cpl-Scanners and Cameras
sysdm.cpl-System Properties
telephon.cpl-Phone and Modem options
timedate.cpl-Date and Time Properties
wscui.cpl-Security Center
wuaucpl.cpl-Automatic Updates Configuration

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